No.1. Yifang Fruit Tea

Yifang's signature beverage integrates seasonal fruits from Taiwan with secret fruit sauce to create a sweet, sour, and refreshing flavor, making it a classic fruit tea that is popular around the world.

Taro Latte

Boil soft taro paste with honey and then mix it with fragrant fresh milk to create a rich, sweet, and faint taro aroma.

Winter Melon Lemonade

The sugar bricks made of wax gourd preserve the aroma of the original wax gourd tea, while the sour and refreshing flavor of lemon perfectly balances the sweetness of the wax gourd. The sweet and sour taste is particularly refreshing.

Brown Sugar Pearl Latte

Pure brown sugar simmered in low heat, mixed with fresh milk, creates a rich aroma, with a silky and smooth taste, and an agreeable sweetness.

Sugarcane Mountain Tea

Selected from local sugarcane in Taiwan. The taste is layered and full of natural sweetness. It is mixed with the aroma of green tea, which is sweet and thirst-quenching.

Mango Pomelo Sago(seasonal)

The sweet aroma of mango, sour grapefruit, and fragrant coconut milk make you super satisfied.

Longan Ginger Tea

Ancient methods are used to boil longan and red jujube, which is healthy and nourishing. The slight bitterness of ginger juice perfectly balances with the sweetness of black tea. One sip warms your heart.

Pineapple Green Tea

The classic pineapple sauce made with traditional techniques highlights the ripe and sweet flavor of the pineapple with the addition of tea aroma, creating a wild tropical flavor. The taste is sour, sweet, and refreshing.

Pearl Black Tea Latte

Daily fresh and slow simmered brown sugar, coupled with smooth, fragrant, and mellow fresh milk, creates a soft and bouncy taste.

Passion Fruit Green Tea

After adding the green tea to sour passion fruit seeds, the fresh and refreshing taste is completely released in the mouth, creating a strong fruit aroma and layered crisp feeling.


The top fruit tea brand in the world
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